About the Mississauga Foundation

We are Mississauga's Foundation

We are a community foundation that empowers individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to contribute to the thriving well-being of Mississauga, creating a lasting and positive social impact.

Our Mission

Harnessing Generosity to Drive Transformational Change

The Mississauga Foundation is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for transformational change in our community. Our mission is to connect the generosity of donors with the diverse needs of our growing city, fostering impactful collaborations and investing in initiatives that address local challenges. Through the establishment of funds and endowments, we empower individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to contribute to the well-being of Mississauga, making a lasting and positive social impact.

Our Vision

The Mississauga Foundation envisions a thriving and inclusive community where every resident has access to opportunities for growth, well-being, and fulfillment.

We aspire to be a trusted and dynamic force for positive change, playing a pivotal role in addressing the evolving needs of Mississauga.

By promoting collaboration, diversity, and innovation, we aim to build a sustainable foundation that empowers individuals and organizations to create a resilient and vibrant community for current and future generations.

What We Do

The Mississauga Foundation collaborates with individuals, charities, and businesses to establish enduring endowment funds. Through strategic investment, the original capital generates a perpetual income, ensuring your contributions have a lasting impact.

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How We Do It

We create sustainable income that supports non-profit organizations within Mississauga, addressing vital community needs. Our dedicated team has the expertise and charity experience to guide the allocation of funds to where they are most impactful, creating a healthier, more vibrant, and livable Mississauga.

Why We Do It


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Our People

Our Board

Patrick Johnston, Chair & Treasurer
Partner, MNP LLP

Daren Coleman, Vice Chair
Senior Vice President, Client Group, Raymond James

Tanya Mushynski, Secretary
VP People and Culture, Electrical Safety Authority

Keith Farlinger, Director
Retired CEO, BDO International

Swaroop Dogra, Director
Director, Executive Coach & Mentor

Jennifer Hilborn, Director
Senior Manager, Community, Employee, and ClientEngagement, RBC Wealth Management

Adam Marsella, Director
Public Affairs, Novo Nordisk

Jeff Rolke, Director
Wealth Advisor, TD Private Wealth

Glenn Gumulka
President and CEO

Our Team

Glenn Gumulka
President and CEO

Lorraine Crow
Grants and Community Initiatives Director

Gavin Pollard
Grants and Community Initiatives Coordinator

Pauleen Pebesma
Office Manager

Deborah Othello

Harshita Rathod
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Volunteer and Career Opportunities

Explore purpose-driven volunteer and career opportunities that impact your community at the Mississauga Foundation.

Land Acknowledgement

The Mississauga Foundation acknowledges the lands that constitute the present-day City of Mississauga as being part of the Treaty and Traditional Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, The Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and The Huron-Wendat and Wyandot Nations. We recognize these peoples and their ancestors as peoples who inhabited these lands since time immemorial.