Donors & Advisors

Donors & Advisors

The Mississauga Foundation harnesses generosity to inspire transformational change. Explore diverse donation options for individuals and access resources for professional advisors, ensuring meaningful support for the Mississauga community.

How to Give

Embark on a journey of impactful giving with the Mississauga Foundation, where your philanthropic aspirations come to life through various avenues tailored to your preferences and objectives.

Explore Your Options

Discover the ways you can contribute to your community through the Mississauga Foundation. Whether you're considering establishing a new fund or adding to an existing one, there are numerous avenues available to fulfill your charitable goals.

Investment Growth

When invested with the Mississauga Foundation the value of a $10,000 gift, over 20 years, including granting and growth is: $25, 569 or 156% growth of the original gift.

9.0% annual return (actual average return for the past 9 years)

Our Funds

The Mississauga Foundation offers several ways to support our community’s well-being with funds tailored to suit your giving interests. Some of these funds are “open” funds meaning anyone can add a gift of any size to help grow the fund for maximum benefit to our community as a whole.

Interested in starting a fund, want to learn more?

Our Donors

On our Donor Wall, we acknowledge and honour donors who made a gift to The Mississauga Foundation. Many of these donors have established endowed funds with The Foundation, but all of these donors have made a commitment to building community vitality for good… forever.

Help Us Build Tomorrow's Mississauga

For Professional Advisors

Access a comprehensive suite of resources meticulously crafted for professional advisors at the Mississauga Foundation. From in-depth guides to insightful webinars, equip yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary to facilitate impactful giving discussions with your clients. Our resources are tailored to support you in navigating the complexities of charitable planning effectively, ensuring you can unlock the full potential of giving back and create a lasting impact within the Mississauga community.


A guide you can download and give to families interested in family philanthropy.