Pendle Fund

What is your charitable vision:

“I am concerned that the growing income and wealth inequality will lead to problems in society far beyond the immediate financial consequences. Young people and recent arrivals should sense an opportunity for success if they apply themselves. The Pendle Fund favours charities with that goal.”

“As an immigrant and a long-time resident of Mississauga I believe that charity begins at home.”


Anonymous Donor


$5 million initial donation, $2 million additional donation 




Donor Advised Fund (DAF). 


The Pendle Fund operates like a private foundation by leveraging the back-office infrastructure of the Community Foundation. Grants are awarded each year by the donor through a competitive grant round administered by the Mississauga Foundation.


The Pendle Fund provides annual grants of up to $30,000 to multiple charities each year. The Fund typically supports a broad range of charitable organizations in the Environment and Conservation, Health Care and Healthy Living, Children and Youth, Food Security, Newcomers, Women, Seniors, Arts and Culture.


The Pendle Fund was established through $7 million in donations to the Foundation. The Fund has grown to $11 million, while generating $7.7 million in charitable giving over the past 17 years and will continue granting in perpetuity.

Your experience working with the Foundation.

“I am very happy with the administrative support provided by the Mississauga Foundation. They review all of the grant applications early in the year to ensure all applications are from eligible charities, provide a user-friendly spreadsheet of all the data and allocate the funds promptly. They do not interfere in the decision process, but are always available to answer questions - a perfect relationship.”

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