Food Banks Mississauga

Food Banks Mississauga is the central food bank in Mississauga, leading a network of over 50 agencies that distributes food for over 5 million meals each year to vulnerable children, seniors, families, and neighbours in Mississauga. In 2022, Food Banks Mississauga's food procurement team leveraged the Foundation’s grant through the Novo Nordisk Diabetes and Obesity fund, which helped them to work with current and new vendors to secure the best pricing to purchase healthy and appropriate food.

Food Banks Mississauga provided over 5.2 million pounds of healthy and appropriate food to vulnerable children, seniors, families and neighbours in Mississauga. Food Banks Mississauga specialized food procurement team works with vendors to obtain the lowest pricing for healthy food. The food is then distributed to their clients across the city at a variety of locations and programs including neighbourhood food banks, food pantries, meal and snack programs, community markets and through their home delivery program.

Food purchasing has been successfully implemented at the food bank for many years. It has enabled them to fill in the gap between what the clients need and what the community donates to them. That being said, since January of 2022, Food Banks Mississauga has seen, on average, 18% more food bank users every month compared to the same time last year and they saw 23% more clients in November 2022 compared to the previous year. Food Banks Mississauga continues to emphasize the importance of procuring more fruits, vegetables and health appropriate foods, either through donations or purchasing.

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