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Session 4 – Tax Minimization Through Strategic Philanthropy

Tax Minimization Through Strategic Philanthropy

Mark will explain little-known strategies for generous donors to maximize giving and minimize taxes – often by converting taxes to charity.

Mark Halpern, CFP, TEP, MFA-P, is widely recognized as one of Canada’s top life insurance advisors. Mark and his team work closely with lawyers, accountants, bankers and financial advisors to provide their clients with unique insurance products and comprehensive estate planning solutions. Mark is on a mission to create $100 Million of new philanthropy annually working with clients, non-profits, and foundations, and collaborating with allied professionals in law, tax, insurance, investment, and estate planning.

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Session 3 – Why not make a Will?

If you think you are too busy to take the time to put your estate planning in place, and to make a Will, join our expert panel as we examine the many risks and disadvantages of not making a Will, including the added cost, delay and uncertainty for the family left behind. Hear case studies about things you might not expect, including bonding requirements, who stands to inherit the assets, who can take over the administration of the estate, and what happens to minor children, married and common law partners, and other vulnerable dependents.

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